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Cellphone vs. DSLR

Cellphone vs. DSLR

Today, although cellphone cameras are the most regular used cameras, they still are not as good as a good DSLR camera and probably never will be. Cellphone cameras are certainly easy to use and that perhaps is one of the reasons for their popularity but also their convenience probably also counts for a lot of their usage. Although not everybody that owns a DSLR camera will carry the camera with them at all times, most people will have their cellphones with them at least most of the time. This means that if an unexpected or unusual photo op appears, a cellphone owner will quickly be able to capture the moment where as a photographer that owns a DSLR camera may not, unless of course they too have a cellphone.

However there is little doubt that if the photographer had had their camera with them and were ready to capture the moment, their results would be far better. The reason for this is that although a cellphone camera is automatic and can adjust its lens quickly for different types of shots, as it only has a small sensor and only one lens, it is very limited in its ability to provide perfect photographs in all situations. A DSLR camera though has no such limitations as it is only limited by the number of lenses the photographer may have and the abilities of the photographer as its settings can be made manually as well as automatically. A good DSLR camera is something like the Sony A6000 and there are several different a6000 lenses available today and so if the photographer has them all, it is their proficiency only that will limit the camera’s ability to take perfect photos. One of the many lenses available for the A6000 and many other DSLR cameras is a zoom lens. A zoom lens will bring the camera closer to the subject and then take the picture, allowing for the photograph to still be blown up larger later. Some cellphone cameras claim to have zoom abilities too but in actual fact they don’t.

What a cellphone camera may do is not bring the camera closer to the subject but merely enlarge the view and so as it has already been enlarged, it will not be able to be enlarged so much later as there are only a certain number of pixels per photo. It is not just professional photographers that realize the need for a DSLR camera for the best photographs as even today, with most people having cellphones complete with cameras, they will still hire a professional photographer for weddings, graduations or when they need a good portrait photo. This means that even if everybody had a cellphone camera, and most people already do, there will still be a need for professional photographers and DSLR cameras. People will of course though continue to take an increasing number of photos themselves, with their cellphones but when it comes to a really important picture, they will still turn to the professional to take it.

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