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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

Posted by on Oct 8, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

Technology is ever-changing. Since the dawn of time, humankind strove to better itself, and it was primarily done through technology. Some might argue that it’s the best thing about us, some might argue that we are doomed because of it, but everything has its good and bad sides.

Ergo, the pros, and cons of technology:



1. Education

Education has never been easier. Information is only a few clicks away from us at any given moment. If we want to learn something, all we have to do is search google for it and surely we will find what we are looking for. However, not only can we self-educate, but there are thousands of credited online universities which you can finish from your home and get a degree.
The only problem with internet fact checking is that the information we find might not be accurate. For example, take Wikipedia. It’s a website which can be altered by anyone. Sure, most of the information we find will probably be legitimate, but if someone wanted to make you believe in something that’s not true, they could easily alter the page and make it seem like a good source of information.

2. Access

We’ve mentioned access to information in the education segment, but we haven’t pointed out just how important it is. Before the internet, or better yet, before a huge amount of population had gotten access to the internet people searched for information through books or by asking someone who knows. This process can take ages. Lots of research would be required just to find maybe one or two facts that interest you. If you never had to search for something manually, first through the library for appropriate books and then through the books themselves, you don’t realize just how fortunate you are for having access to the internet.

3. Networking and communication

This aspect of technology is maybe the most important one out there. By using the technology, we can now achieve something which took weeks in the previous centuries or fortune while only the landline telephones were active. We can now communicate with each other in real-time, without any latency from anywhere in the world, for free. That’s something people only dreamed about.

Also, it’s a great way of meeting new people. Social networks like Facebook or Twitter had such an amazing impact on civilization. Who knows how many friends you would’ve had now if you weren’t able to socialize via the internet.



1. Distraction

Despite having many benefits, the Internet can easily distract people nowadays and make them waste hours in reading or watching certain nonbeneficial contents as well as spend too much time on social networks. As much as it is good to a certain point, it’s bad when you cross the line. It’s fine to have some leisure activity online, watch some videos, chat with your friends, but these activities take a majority of people’s time, and it’s destroying their productibility and creativity.

2. Data Security

Anyone with high knowledge about computers, programming, internet can take advantage of you and steal some valuable information from you. It’s not as safe a place as you might think.

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